Roseatta Long is a Hamilton based artist who splits her creative time between painting and printmaking. 

Roseatta trained at Bealart and OCAD where she studied printmaking and textiles. She began her career working and designing for a screen printing company. She then started her own company painting murals for commercial spaces throughout the GTA as well as designing jewellery and sculpture. Roseatta went on to exhibit her sculptures at the Spring and Christmas One Of A kind Show for over a decade, where she grew her business and made many friends. It was here that she was the recipient of the award for Innovation in Design. After taking a break due to family obligations, Roseatta has come full circle and has found her way back to her first love, printmaking. 

The happiest part of her day is walking into her studio with her dog and a hot cup of coffee and losing herself in screen printing and painting. Inspirations are many. Given that Roseatta is a Personal Trainer/ Yoga instructor, she has a love of the body in motion. This has led to a series of yoga and running prints.  

The creative process begins where it always does, with inspiration.  Sometimes she is caught by surprise in the perfect fleeting moment. At these times, she tries to capture it with a photo and go from there. Other times, it starts with an idea or vision that she'd like to convey. This leads to much cajoling and coercing of family and friends with special emphasis on her partner, who is very patient and good spirited about all the posing and fiddling with lights etc. to get the drawing down.

Roseatta says this about her images, "I focus on the familiar. The simple joy filled moments. I hope, in this way, my passion and loves come through the work and across to the viewer because this is indeed, where the magic happens. The connection between artist and viewer is everything."

Now, with a few print series at the ready, so many more design ideas in progress and gratitude for the response she has been receiving , it is time to take the next step forward and progress into a viable, sustainable business. Thus, Sarome Studios is born!







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